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Daily Bible Study Notes

What touched my heart the most today?


Genesis 1:11-13 (Joyce Meyer AMP pgs. 2)

Vegetation, plants, seeds, and fruits were created on the 3rd day. It was Approved by God.

Joyce Meyer AMP Bible Comments (pg. 1): New Beginnings are important and God provides us opportunities for a fresh start every day. (relationships, work, spending time, integrity) It’s up to us to take advantage of the gift and we must be determined to do God’s will not ours. Choose well: truth, faith, peace, forgiveness, patience, waiting on God.

Reference (History)

The Complete Guide to the Bible (pages 8 – 9)

Paul is credited w/ writing nearly ½ of the books in the New Testament. Paul said, “2 Tim 3:16… all scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is True and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives.” The bible not only teaches us, but it shows us how much we need God in all aspects of our lives. We cannot do this world with HIM.

Funny Fact: Jews don’t like the term Old Testament (suggest outdated) they prefer 1st Testament, however God said, “…days are coming (Jesus) I will make a “New” covenant. Jeremiah 31:31 & Hebrews 8:8

Daily Devotional

TBN Network – Revealed “The Names of God” The Lord OUR Righteousness (pgs. 121 – 122)

Righteousness means: free from guilt or sin / morally right / justifiable (Google)

Romans 5:18 – 19 The free (un-earned) gift to all men, resulting in justification of life” Adam’s disobedience made many sinners and Jesus’ obedience made many righteous (free from guilt and sin) Free Gift – no purchase required and no shipping charges to pay 2 COR 5:21 For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in HIM.

Gluttony Physical

40 Days to Fit and Fabulous with PraiseMoves (pages 37 – 43)

-The Reed: musical instruments parts once broken and trashed, God promises to renew us

-David’s Harp: Perfect place to learn how to Praise God. (Recite Psalms 108:1-5) it expresses a determination and promise to take action. The Lord is worthy to be praised.

Why Stretch? Flexibility, performance, reduces effects of stress, improves internal organ function

Static (motionless/stationary) stretch BEST / Ballistic (Bouncing) which causes joint injuries

Gluttony Emotional

Weigh Down Workshop “Out of Egypt” Song by Michael Shamblin (take God’s hand)

I am responsible for what I learn in these notes. This is the correct eating program God has chosen for me, not Raw, not Low Carb, not Fruit only. Look to God, it’s a narrow way, you will be walking on burning sand going into the Promised Land. Trust in God, he will lead you through the Long Red Sea, in a while you are going to be with me. Listen to what I say, FIRE by night and Cloud by day always, don’t look back just look to me, leave your idols and you’ll see soon you will have VICTORY

Studying the Bible

Living by the Book (Chapter 10 page 89)

Read patiently – God is a crockpot not a microwave, this will take time “The fruit of the Word” takes time to ripen. Don’t be impatient and Don’t Give Up, be determined and you will receive a Rich Harvest. Don’t allow the devil to get you disillusioned with the process. STAY FOCUS

Remember you are seeking enlightenment not entertainment / Embrace the time with me 5AM


Painless Grammar (page 3 top section only)

A noun is a person, place, thing, idea, or quality. Grammar and Writing helps us to breakdown and receive a better understanding of God’s Word when doing bible study. Study the parts of speech.

  • Person: boy, teacher, Revenda, doctor

  • Place: Georgia, city, countryside

  • Thing: house, tree, horse, bicycle, ice cream

  • Idea: democracy, truth, illusion, fantasy

  • Quality: beauty, caring, loved, excited, boredom

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