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Placing God First

I was making my standard “To Do” list today and just started writing all the things I wanted to accomplish… IF I could find the time. Smile, the list was long and seemed impossible to complete and downright overwhelming. Smile

Then God showed me there are only three places I needed to focus: Prayer, Praise, and Worship. How can this be I asked … so I looked up “What’s the difference between Prayer, Praise, and Worship?” I found out “Worship is a Lifestyle” It’s how I live my personal day to day. Worship means living, eating, and moving in a manner that honors God. It’s my ability to release what I think I should be doing and allowing God to direct my path. We keep going back to “The Path”

So what do I mean by "The Path"? I don’t have to be all things to all people. I only need to be one thing to God… faithful which is willing to listen, learn, accept, release, and obey. The path has placed my life into prospective. Every day we make decisions. Our choices either go with Self (flesh, Our wants, Our needs, Our desires) or God (His Will Be Done, NOT Mine).

Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.

Joshua 1:8 NLT

We can rest on the promises of God, that does not mean we receive whatever we ask for, but it does mean we can trust Him. Life happens to everyone, good, bad, and sometimes just plain evil, but God is how we get thru it. Being a Christian does not mean life will always be happy, it means no matter what comes our way God is there... even if we are in to much pain to see it. Our Faith is strength by trials. When I was going thru my greatest trial to date, I went to the book of Job. It helped me to remember, God does not cause the trial, but sometimes He does allow them. Job suffered much, but in that suffering he gain a new respect for life and God. I see Job as one of the most honored people in the bible, because God trusted Job to remain faithful. What a testimony. I'll talk more about that another time. Smile

Action Item: Stop trying to do it all, just know that what you do get done needed to happen, what you did not can wait and to always do it in Love and do it to Worship HIM!

Let's take a look at my personal activities and how I chose to group them.


This is your personal dialog time with God. Talking to your Father (God), Savior (Jesus), and Friend (Holy Spirit)– which lives inside of you.

  • Setting aside time (making an appointment, that you always keep, ensuring you are placing God first)


Praise is the joyful recounting of all God has done for us. This is a time for you to give “Thanks” to the Lord for all that He has done and all that He is

  • Meditation

  • Bible Study


Worship is a Lifestyle – it means Living, Eating, and Moving in a manner that honors God

Praise is easy; worship is not. Worship gets to the heart of who we are. To truly worship God, we must let go of our self-worship. We must be willing to humble ourselves before God, surrender every part of our lives to His control, and adore Him for who He is, not just what He has done. Worship is a lifestyle, not just an occasional activity. Jesus said the Father is seeking those who will worship Him "in spirit and in truth" (John 4:23). Read more:


  • Self

  • Resting

  • Reading

  • Having Fun

  • Learn Something New

  • Travel someplace New

  • Travel someplace Old

  • Inspire Someone

  • Be Inspired by Someone

  • Family

  • Immediate Family: Husband, Son, Mom

  • Extended Family: Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, In-laws

  • Friends

  • Spending Time With

  • Calling

  • Working

  • Paying Bills

  • Bathing

  • Dressing

  • Cleaning


  • Meal Planning

  • Shopping

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Vitamins: Morning

  • Vitamins: Afternoon

  • Vitamins: Protein Drink


  • Treadmill

  • PraiseMoves DeKalb

  • Get Out in Nature (Walking the Trail)

  • Bike

  • Swim

  • Six Flags/White Waters

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