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All exercise programs were developed by an amazing women named “Laurette Willis”. Laurette is the creator and Director of PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry. She created a means for others to share the gospel and create fitness ministries all around the world. She wanted to share her passion about fitness and faith. Laurette has a wonderful spirit and has enable me to dream and ignite my passions to share the benefits of meditation, stress relief, and the joy a sustainable fitness program can bring to your life.


PraiseMoves is "The Christian ALTERNATIVE to Yoga," it's a Christ-centered education and fitness training program. The program exercises us spiritually and mentally using the Bible as our text, as well as physically using stretching and strengthening postures and gentle movement.


Please take the time to visit her website at and read more about her wonderful programs. 



Would you like to increase your flexibility, improve your circulation, and enhance your level of energy? PraiseMoves offers proven stretching and flexibility exercises without Eastern influences. Now you can fill your mind with the Word of God as you practice the postures that:

  • promote healing and overall physical health

  • relieve stress and enhance relaxation

  • Glorifies God with your spirit, soul, and body


Allow us to help your “Transform your workouts into worship” with PraiseMoves!

Call [404] 243-5547 and ask for Revenda Bannerman


​PRAISEMOVES Greenforest

Beginner and Intermediate Level Classes 

- Friday @ 7 PM EST

Click here to join the class

These are ONLINE Classes using Zoom


Intermediate and Advance Level Classes 

Saturday in the Aerobic Room (gym membership not required)

Time: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM EST

Where: 2340 Clifton Springs Road

Decatur, GA 30034 | 678-553-6030

Due to the COVID-19 all classes will be held online until further notice using Zoom

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